Buying a stairlift is a complex process. How can you create a seamless, fast, customer-centric digital experience that is easy, enjoyable and empowering for customers to use while also ensuring that you have gathered enough technical information to provide an accurate quote? 

  • 82 First online purchase within 82 minutes of launch
  • 50%+ Month-on-month volume growth
  • 79% Of customers now upgrading from the base model

Keeping users at the heart of everything, we embarked on an ambitious 12-week sprint to design, build and launch an MVP that transforms the stairlift purchase journey from weeks to 20 minutes. The overall look and feel of the product has been specially designed to support vulnerable customers to feel positive and empowered. Every element of the content, including language, tone of voice and visual design, has been tested with real users to ensure the proposition is clear and helpful to a diverse customer base. The journey has been designed to enable customers to find and purchase a stairlift tailored to their needs and home. 

We have more quotations in the market right now than ever before. This is where Zone’s approach came into its own – with a laser focus on the customer and our existing business during an intense discovery phase, and continuous customer testing and validation through launch that allowed us to be dynamic in the changes we could make.

Sam Stannah, Head of Strategic Projects, Stannah

Creating a digital platform that could recreate the personal experience of an 
in-person sales visit

The team at Stannah are delighted with the results. The first online sale was achieved within 82 minutes of launch, and they are seeing month-on-month volume grow at over 50% during a period of lockdown that has seen offline growth stall. What’s more, almost 80% of customers are upgrading from the base model and 71% are choosing one of Stannah’s new upholstery patterns or materials which is testament to the visual design and ease of use of the new product.

Stannah stairlift
Stannah stairlift

Since our first sale that came through just 82 minutes after our launch, we have seen a healthy growth in orders through the platform that not just proves the concept of an ‘online stairlift sale’ to Stannah but is becoming a fast-growing source of profitable growth.

Sam Stannah, Head of Strategic Projects, Stannah