The employee landscape has changed and so have expectations

Employees are spending less time in the office – they are working flexibly, at different times, using different devices. And in a post-Covid landscape, the marketplace is ever more competitive. A new demographic of value-driven employees now expects seamless experiences in how they work just as they do in their personal lives: a task like ordering new equipment needs to be just as easy as ordering a takeaway!

Employee Experience is good for business

“In a world in which competing on price and product is increasingly difficult, experience is and will continue to be a major differentiator. Companies that invest in this area wisely will excel, while those that do not will flail.”

- Mark Taylor, Senior Vice President and Global Practice Lead for Cognizant Digital Experience

Taking the right approach to experiences

Design-thinking insists on products and services which are desirable, viable and feasible. But the world has moved on from such solutions, with customers and employees now expecting products and services to be responsible too. That’s why we have built responsibility into our experience-led approach to creating innovative strategies, products and services.




Strategically valuable
Organisational fit


Technically possible
Resource efficient
Data enhanced




Driving the success of hybrid working through Employee Experience led design

We are currently working with a multinational pharmaceutical company to support them in the design and implementation of the end-to-end meeting experience working in a hybrid environment. standard. Our ongoing employee listening strategy helps to identify where the future investment should be to create an exponential improvement on the overall experience.

  • 51 qualitative interviews held across 5 countries
  • 48% response rate to our quantitative research
  • 3000+ internal Real Estate survey responses analysed

Reimagining the digital workplace

We were approached by a British multinational universal bank as they had a disparate and disjointed digital workplace solution with no overall strategy. Their platform proliferation was driven by technology rather than business requirements and user needs which had resulted in a poorly performing intranet platform with limited employee engagement and low adoption.

  • 44% increased uptake of the new mobile workplace
  • 75m Homepage visits in 2020
  • 12m tools and applications launched directly from the new intranet
Start your journey today

Start your journey today

Delivering a great experience for your team is a business imperative. But great EX doesn’t happen overnight and incorporating it into your wider CX strategy is hard to achieve. In fact, our recent research with Forrester found that 38% of leaders in customer experience think their organisations failed to view employee and partner enablement strategies as part of an interconnected experience ecosystem. It highlights how leaders in CX also need to be leaders in EX and PX (partner experience) to truly drive business growth.

About Zone

About Zone

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