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It goes without saying that the past two years have led to digital acceleration in business that has never been seen before as consumers’ expectations around experience has massively shifted. The challenge for business leaders is to ensure they can meet and exceed these expectations.

How to meet increasing customer and employee expectations

To best serve their customers, businesses need to know and understand them and their employees, requiring the ability to contextualise massive amounts of data and integrate that intelligence across the company. By looking at the customer journey in its entirety and uncovering how their employees and other enablement layers in the organisation contribute to this experience is key.

What will you learn?

Hear from top business leaders from some of the biggest and most progressive brands as they offer insight into how they are tackling the challenges and opportunities of digital experiences head-on. Learn how businesses are creating end-to-end experiences for their customers and workforce that are convenient, personalised and seamless, working across various touchpoints and channels.

Innovative thinking

Learn how to gain insight from your data to shape meaningful experiences and navigate complex customer and employee journeys.

How to work smarter

Understand the technology, systems and processes that make the day-to-day brand experience better – for both employees and customers.

Building better culture

Explore how company culture is key to delivering a seamless customer experience to set your business up for future success.

Strategic understanding

Understand how to be truly customer-centric you must first be employee-centric and the impact this has on your bottom line.

The Agenda

The Agenda

  • EX + CX = success: how putting employees first helps better serve your customers - Patti Alderman, AVP - Digital Experience, Zone and Cognizant; Peter Markey, Chief Marketing Officer, Boots
  • From ventures to value: how to set your digital transformation objectives - John Riley, Experience Strategy Director, Cognizant Digital Experience; Alan Ritchie, Solutions Design & Experience Development Director, Royal London; Sarah Plant, Experience Strategist, Zone
  • Planning for the future: disrupting transformation - Roy Capon, CEO, Zone and Head of Digital Experience, UKI, Cognizant; Tete Soto, CEO, Amigo Technology
  • The customer voice: understanding and acting on what your consumers say - Ian Barlow, Director, Content and Marketing Services, Zone and Cognizant Digital Experience; Colette Healy, General Manager - Marketing & Product Management, MINI UK
  • Mining for gold: unlocking the real value of your data - Julian Smilg, Senior Strategist, Zone; Paul Latham, Head of Audience Development, Aston Martin F1 Team; Kate Dalton, Head of Brand Strategy, Aston Martin F1 Team
  • The green revolution: why sustainable design matters - Esther Duran, Chief Design Officer, Zone; Russell Green, Digital and Data Strategy Senior Manager, The FA; Elodie Rousselot, Strategic Design Manager, Ellen MacArthur Foundation; Alis Cambol, Creative Director - Service & UX Design, Okra Design
  • Building insights: applying the right research techniques to enhance your CX and EX strategies - Robert Sandler, Head of Research and Insights, Zone; Alaina Rhee, Senior Analyst, The Economist Group; Rachel Jones, Design Research Director, D-Ford
  • Five years of the CX50: What's changed and what's next in customer experience - Russell Parsons, Editor-in-Chief, Marketing Week; Rebecca Dibb-Simkin, Global Director of Product & Marketing, Octopus Energy; Patti Alderman, AVP - Digital Experience, Zone and Cognizant; Fiona Spooner, Managing Director, Consumer Revenue, Financial Times
About Zone

About Zone

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