The Next BIG Step – Goodbye conceptbakery… Welcome to Zone!

Our economic success and the fantastic cooperation with Zone built the perfect platform to take the next big step. conceptbakery became part of Zone at the start of January 2016, but are officially announcing this now and are showing our new colors.

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conceptbakery is now Zone

We’ve come a long way over the past 13 years, and it’s been an interesting journey. conceptbakery has been growing steadily in terms of team size and revenue. We’ve won awards and climbed the rankings. We’ve been quite successful – in fact, very successful… 2015 was our best year so far and we were able to develop some outstanding campaigns for our clients.

How everything started – the set-up of an international agency alliance

Zone approached us in 2014 to discuss the set-up of an international, owner-operated agency alliance. Zone was named the best independent agency in the UK by the Drum website and is listed as a Tech Track 100 company by the Sunday Times. We’ve since been working together on international accounts such as Coca-Cola. Our teams learned to coordinate their efforts with each other, our IT processes were aligned and common standards were established. 

It’s been quite astonishing to learn how likeminded Zone and conceptbakery are. This includes how we treat our team members and clients, and stretches to some rather trivial issues. We even had the same IKEA desks in our offices in London and Cologne…similar to Denver’s, but with a slightly different style. 

Some big steps – for clients, employees and partners

Our economic success and the fantastic cooperation with Zone built the perfect platform to take the next big step. conceptbakery became part of Zone at the start of January 2016, but are officially announcing this now and are showing our new colors. 

Of course this is also a big step for our clients. We are now able to serve them even better and in a much more comprehensive way. Our new team consists of over 220 employees (75 strategists, 80 technologists, 65 content specialists), so we can offer full service in the areas of strategy, technology and content, and can do so on a national and global level.  

This is a huge step for our entire team as well. They are able to work on even more exciting projects, plus have access to outstanding training and development opportunities within our international structure.

Last but not least, this has also been a major step for Felix and I as founders of conceptbakery. Instead of being sole owners of a smaller agency, we are now shareholders of a large digital agency. We are part of a very potent management team consisting of 11 members; Felix will function as CEO Germany and I’m assuming the role of CEO USA. In addition, both of us are now part of an international committee that is responsible for the international positioning of Zone. We are able to use our experience and know-how in order to contribute to the future growth of the agency.  

Our services – strategy, technology and content 

conceptbakery already had a wide range of expertise and were able to show that through our client projects. This will be greatly enhanced through the exchange with our team in the UK, the number one trend market in Europe. 

We’ve been preaching for years that creativity and technology need to work hand-in-hand and that a solid technical infrastructure is critical to the success of a business. This goes way beyond the area of marketing. We already built resources to support our client in this area, but the in-house team at Zone takes this to a whole new level. We are able to offer anything digital you can think of, ranging from entry-level to mid-tier and complex enterprise solutions.

Digital change – big challenges that don’t recognize borders

We are also becoming more international, offering solutions in the areas of strategy, technology and content that stretch across Europe and, of course, the US as well. The digitalization of our society doesn’t stop at country borders, and we have seen a big increase in demand for sophisticated strategies and complex technological solutions coupled with top-notch content development on an international level.

That might sound easy, but can get rather complex very quickly. We foresee a big digital divide between technologically advanced companies and others that don’t invest in that field. Our new set-up helps companies to prevail in a world dominated by digital communication and processes.

Conclusion – it’s a triple win for clients, employees and partners

Our signs at the door have changed, but our core values remain the same. We will continue to serve our smaller, local clients and others that operate nationwide, and will continue to offer top-notch services at an affordable rate. All in all, we are able to offer a whole lot more for anyone that is interested.

We think of it as a very beneficial situation for clients and employees alike. Felix and I are also excited about the future growth potential of Zone, and are looking forward to making the best use of these new opportunities. This is why we took this “Next Big Step”.

Here’s to Zone!