Share a Coke 2 Coca-Cola

How we used the power of digital to get the entire nation excited about sharing a Coke once more


The Context

Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke was a campaign conceived for a social world. The product itself – each bottle bore one of the 1,200 most popular names in the UK – was inherently shareable. But how could these individual moments of social interaction be transformed into a nationwide expression of brand love? Enter Zone…


The Strategy

Following the arrival of the personalised bottles in-store and an effective above-the-line campaign, Zone’s job was to ensure that it exploded on social media. The key was to enable people to ‘discover’ the campaign through a friend rather than from a brand: the nature of the campaign was human and should start in a human way. We encouraged engagement by subtly steering the conversation, capitalising on key creative ‘moments’ and utilising a consistent and committed always-on response, using topical news hooks such as asking our audience to Share a Coke with Wills and Kate when the royal baby was born. Zone launched a dedicated Share a Coke app on Facebook, allowing people to share a virtual Coke and send personalised cans directly to friends – helping to supercharge the #shareacoke hashtag both virtually and, thanks to the iconic Coke sign on Piccadilly Circus, in real life. 

The Results

The campaign was a spectacular success, with sales rising by 10 per cent and a 28 per cent uplift in brand engagement among the key 18 to 24-year-old audience (YouGov). We generated 230 million impressions across Twitter and Facebook. We also added an extra 140,000 fans to Coke’s social channels (Twitter and Facebook) with the Twitter hashtag #shareacoke topping out at a gigantic 32 million views – Coke GB’s highest reach by a factor of five. Analysing the campaign’s success, YouGov said: “Share a Coke spoke to people as individuals, while making them feel more connected to the brand and to one another – and that is the secret to its success.”


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