Keeping friendships alive Prostate Cancer UK

How we used a simple proposition – and a fully-integrated campaign – to foster a movement for Prostate Cancer UK


The Context

The ambition of Prostate Cancer UK is to turn the disease from a potential killer into a manageable condition, but to achieve this it needs to raise both awareness and resources. We at Zone have been helping the charity do both since 2012, when we helped organise and activate a new partnership with the English Football League. Its success prompted the creation of Men United – a call to arms, asking men to rally together to build a team that could tackle the disease. We had the momentum – what Zone had to do next was gather and educate a movement…


The Strategy

For the first stage of the campaign, we wanted to find out how much our audience knew. Through an online survey mechanic we discovered a simple truth: men see less of each other as they get older. We came up with the proposition of "keeping friendships alive", which gave us a framework for our campaign and allowed us to give the charity a purpose beyond the raising of awareness and funds. The Keeping Friendships Alive campaign was launched in late January 2015 with Zone’s first TV ad at its heart. Ongoing content-driven social and PR work reinforced and amplified the activity, while the ongoing call to action is supported by a monthly email newsletter. Through all the charity's activities – its events and fundraising – it's now actively helping men to keep their friendships alive.

The Results

For the first phase of the movement, the original target for this four-month campaign was to get 15,000 people to complete the test. That target was smashed within a few days, with 20,000 people arriving from Facebook and Twitter alone within the first two weeks – an increase of 600 per cent on the normal flow of traffic from those channels. In the end, over 200,000 men ended up taking the survey. The Keeping Friendships Alive campaign launched at the end of January 2015 and the results were promising, with figures for the opening weeks showing that nearly one in four new visitors to the Prostate Cancer UK website was signing up to join the Men United team, with hundreds of them going on to click on specific suggestions for fundraising activities.


surveys taken


rise in traffic from social

1 in 4

site visitors sign up