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How we're encouraging a million children to develop a better relationship with their food thanks to a ground-breaking campaign


The Context

In the UK we’re getting fatter faster than almost any other nation in Europe. As the country’s biggest food retailer, Tesco wants to help us change the way we eat for the better. In 2013 Tesco launched the Eat Happy Project, a long-term commitment to help children have a happier and healthier relationship with their food. Zone was tasked with bringing the Eat Happy Project to life through digital and ensuring it was effective at scale throughout the country.

The Strategy

During the process of conceiving, designing and building a fully responsive website to support Farm to Fork – a scheme to open up Tesco stores and suppliers to classes of primary school children – we identified a unique opportunity to go one step further, to allow pupils the chance to interrogate the world of food from their own classroom. Thanks to our efforts, Online Field Trips uses Google Hangouts technology (a European first!) to deliver live, interactive lessons from a Tesco food producer directly into classrooms in schools all over the UK – backed up by extensive teaching materials that would allow teachers to expand on the themes. We’ve sent our production crew to Napoli to talk pasta, we’ve broadcast live from a Costa Rican banana plantation... and talked spuds in Norfolk, to name but three.

The results

Within six months of launch, more than 8,500 primary schools had signed up – that’s more than one in three in the UK – along with nearly 9,000 individual parents and more than 5,000 youth group leaders. Thus far, Online Field Trips have been viewed more than 60,000 times, while more than 1 million children have directly interacted with Eat Happy Project content. A survey of 471 teachers, carried out six months after launch, found that 64 per cent are considering introducing Tesco Online Field Trips into their lessons, 72 per cent said children found them enjoyable and 68 per cent thought the project was influential in improving children’s education.

1 in 3

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