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Maersk at the WTO Summit Maersk

How we used social media to ensure that Maersk's voice was heard at the top table during the WTO summit...


The Context

Maersk wants to be a company known for its knowledge and commitment to enabling trade across the world. The World Trade Organisation Aid for Trade Summit, held in Geneva from 30 June-2 July 2015, was a perfect opportunity for Maersk to enhance its reputation and open the door to conversations with high-level decision-makers – including the presidents and trade ministers of Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania.


The Strategy

We conducted a detailed research exercise to identify the people who influenced these high-level decision-makers both in the real and digital world, and the channels and conversations through which we could reach them at the summit. We knew the things each of the influencers were passionate about, which allowed us to formulate a social content strategy for the summit itself.

The key to the success of the project was our newsroom. With a team of two journalists, an analyst, a designer, a community manager and an editor, we listened to the real-time conversations of our target stakeholders and influencers and found ways to create relevant Maersk-related content and distribute it into these conversations.


Maersk achieved an 11 per cent share of voice at the summit (with 100 per cent positive sentiment) – higher than any other private business (the KPI) but also higher than any other organisation apart from the WTO itself. The same trend was seen in Twitter mentions, with Maersk the second most mentioned term across the whole summit, behind only “WTO Aid4Trade”. The specific hashtag #EnableTrade we set up for Maersk was the third most mentioned.

Throughout the three days of the summit Maersk Group gained 193 new Twitter followers, which is 64 per day and 73 per cent above the average for the last year, while key engagements included the Kenyan Foreign Office, Amina Mohamed (Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Kenya) and Arancha Gonzalez (Executive Director of the International Trade Centre). 

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