Social Media Strategy Gatwick Airport

How we’re helping one of Europe’s busiest airports take control of the conversation


The Strategy

Our strategy was first to adopt a consolidation approach, reducing the number of channels to allow us to start selling the benefits of Gatwick via a consistent narrative, based around a coherent proposition. Having decided that great travel experiences are based on a collection of individual moments, big and small, we came up with the proposition ‘Moments that Matter’ and selected Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn as the most appropriate to deliver the message, tailoring the ongoing content to use the individual strengths of each channel to do this. These channels could help us achieve two key ambitions: firstly, enhance the user experience for passengers travelling through Gatwick airport and secondly, promote the services available to airport users, such as retail, destinations and airlines. We also began to run larger-scale campaigns, cross-promoted on the various channels. Promoting the diverse range of shopping on offer, for example, was the Twelve Days of Giftmas, a Facebook-based competition built around a prize giveaway from airport retailers (which all saw significant spikes in social mentions on the days they were mentioned), while a series of LinkedIn campaigns were used to target the business users that Gatwick want to attract.

The Results

In the six months since we took over Gatwick’s social accounts, the results have been impressive. We have, across all four channels, more than doubled reach to 34 million, with an average reach per post of 243k (against a KPI of 180k). Consistent month-on-month growth has totalled up to almost 30k new followers, while share of voice on social in terms of the four key competitor airports (Heathrow, City, Stansted and Manchester) has almost doubled, rising from 10 per cent to 19 per cent.


reach across social channels


New follows on Twitter


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Anatomy of a micro campaign...

Here's the thinking behind Pass It On, one of the many small scale campaigns we have run on Gatwick's social channels. Tasked by the airlines and destinations team with raising the profile of specific destinations, we wanted to give potential travelers advice on what to do when they get there. But rather than turn to established guide-books and travel writers, we wanted to apply the peer-advice principles the likes of TripAdvisor have built so much success upon...
Gatwick 1 use

We began on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and asked our followers where they were flying to next and which destination they’d like to see profiled, and then asked locals for their tips through focused social media targeting...


This started conversations with our community management team, who could follow up to get unique on-the-ground data – from the best cocktail in a particular bar, to the best photo-spot on the marina. With this information, we could create a series of supremely shreable crowd-sourced infographics for Facebook...


These also provided perfect content for sharing on other social channels, offering the kind of unique, on-the-ground knowhow that could provide moments that matter, thus keeping to the tone of all of our work on Gatwick's social channels.

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