The Story

Shifting perceptions and influencing behaviours using the power of social media.

Maersk has a clear ambition: to be a recognised trade champion, a company known for its knowledge and commitment to enabling trade across the world. With this positioning in mind, Maersk has been striving to increase its presence within the international trade scene by playing an active, agenda-setting role.

The Challenge

Maersk wanted to be a prominent voice in the online dialogue around global trade – and use this platform to influence policymakers at the highest level.

Shipping is responsible for 90% of global trade, and Maersk has a real stake in ensuring people understand the social and economic value of enabling trade. How could it unlock the power of social media to have a say in the online conversations of global decision-makers and get real world results?

Our Approach

We nurtured strategic relationships online that opened the door to real-world partnerships.

Our analysis revealed that Maersk was creating social content to serve an audience of shipping enthusiasts who couldn’t realise its strategic ambitions. Through social listening we discovered what its target audience was interested in and the sweet spot that overlapped with Maersk’s priority messaging. Starting with discrete campaigns, we began to build up a database of the company’s key external influencers.

The Product

We focused activity around key global events.

Deploying cross-disciplinary teams of producers, visual designers and editors live on the ground, we were able to produce reactive content, tailored specifically to appeal to the needs of our hitlist of influencers.

From creating engaging content on the role of inclusive trade to grow economies we forged a relationship with key global trade policymakers. This led to a partnership with the International Trade Centre to support its SheTrades initiative, which aims to connect 1 million women entrepreneurs to market by 2020. One of the women featured in our content took part in the partnership launch in Geneva for International Women's Day.



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